2012 via Polaroid

Late last summer I picked up one of my favorite cameras I've owned (which has been way too many, especially over the last couple years.) There's something about the imperfect charm of the images the 35-year old Polaroid 195 puts out that I can't get enough of. Maybe it's the fact that it's so different from digital ... no editing, no massaging tone curves, no shooting 12 FPS bursts, no chimping the LCD to make sure you got the shot. Just one slow, 3"x4" sheet of film. One doesn't replace the other, but the Polaroid has been a perfect ace in the hole. And, honestly, it's just fun. Does there need to be more than that? My only regret is not picking one up sooner and getting to take it to more weddings. 

I keep hoping Impossible Project will make some of their film for Land Cameras, but for now the Fuji and expired Polaroid stock will keep me going.

So, a few random frames of a summer and fall ... friends, family, clients, life.

A couple of these were shot with an RZ67 + polaroid back, the rest with the 195.

My parents! 30-odd years of marriage and counting.