Can't believe we're already coming up on the end of 2017. 2016 was such a full year with so many amazing clients and moments, and 2017 has proven to be no different. As I start to sift through the thousands of images and *attempt* to put together a recap post from this last season, and since there are no rules in photography or blogging, I thought it's never too late to share my Part Two post from my 2016 season in the meantime (because ok maybe I sort of got too busy to post this Part Two ages ago). It's still so crazy to me I'm approaching my 11th year now in this industry, and every time I get to tell couple's wedding stories I feel refreshed and inspired.

As 2017 season wraps up, my highlight this year was my wife and I finding out, in May, that we were pregnant with our first son, due this next month (January). We are breathlessly waiting and preparing for his arrival, which makes this holiday season that much more exciting. We're in full baby prepping mode over here, and can't wait to start off 2018 being parents. We *think* Bodie will be the best big puppy brother too. He'll just have to learn to share a little of our attention. ;)

All our love and appreciation,

- Ryan & Emily


Twenty sixteen. What a year. Depending who you talk to, you'd probably get a wide spectrum of views on exactly what kind of year it was. I think that's one of the things I love both about what I do, and about doing these year-end retrospective posts. What better way to find and focus on the positive, than looking through a year's worth of weddings, elopements, engagements, families ... all the things that end up really defining what our lives are about. 

I delivered in the neighborhood of 50,000 finished photos this year (which kind of explains why I'm doing two parts to this post... how can I narrow all that down to one short post? Not happening) and if there's one thing that really stood out to me, it's the importance of community and connection. Those two things have this amazing ability to transcend, heal, and grow our families, lives, and relationships. I got to see huge tight-knit families, families who'd experienced loss, families that had been divided, rejoined, healed, people whose families were woven by choice and not birth, people who became family solely for each other... and of course family of the four-legged canine variety (prob the cutest kind of family, if you ask me.)

It's been amazing to continuely witness the way our love and connections defy labels and boxes, and matters all the more because of that.

I'm heading into my 10th year in this crazy photography career/life, and each year that ticks by feels like a blessing to be surrounded by love and commitment and amazing humans doing a thousand small/ huge / subtle / loud / monumental / heartfelt things for each other.

Can't thank each of you enough for allowing me into your lives to tell a sliver of your story, it's an honor I don't take for granted. You're the best, I appreciate you.


This year has been pretty full of traveling thus far, something we've be so grateful for, but going to New Zealand was so unbeatable, especially adventuring around Queenstown and the surrounding areas.  More to share from the wedding I photographed there, soon, but for now, here's some portraits I made of our good friends Ryan and Heidi. Emily and I couldn't have asked for better people to hang with for part of our time in New Zealand, these two are aces.


2014. Whoa. It's February and I feel like I'm still catching my breath from this last year. This has been by far our busiest, craziest year yet, which feels like - and is - a huge blessing. This spring my wife Emily joined me full time, helping making everything run smoothly. To everyone who commissioned us this year, thank you. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of some of the most momentous and long-planned days and moments of your lives. I know it's probably a cliche, but I honestly don't care - it's such an honor to get to do what I love.

I didn't want this post to be a "Best of 2014" or a "2014 Favorites" type of thing. Although these photos are some of my best, and some of my favorites. It was impossible to work every shoot into this post, or every photo I love - because I love them all and I kinda get attached. Just too many photos. Going through the tens of thousands of images we made was a joy, it was fun to take a step back, breath, and relive everything we created this year. It also made me realize that posting every photo I wanted to would make an internet-breakingly big post. Ain't nobody got time for that. So what this post is, is a small (haha) slice of the moments and portraits at some of the weddings, engagement and boudoir sessions that we photographed. Little pieces that meant something to me.

Look out for full blog posts of a bunch of these sessions in the coming months.


"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."

     - GK  Chesterton


When I think about my mom and dad, gratitude is one of the first, strongest emotions that I feel. Not that I can claim a long life and deep wisdom, but, the longer I live, the more appreciation and awe and admiration I have for what they did for me and my siblings. And not just that, but the longer I'm married, the more appreciation and awe and admiration I have for what they did, and do, for each other. Seeing a couple travel through thirty plus years of mountains, valleys, and plateaus - and constantly aiming for those joyous peaks - is incredible, and hugely inspiring. 


I'm so thankful for my parents example and friendship, in life and everything that goes with it. Getting to photograph them as a Christmas gift was without a doubt one of the highlights of my journey as a photographer. Honestly there probably wouldn't have been much of a photographic journey without their support and encouragement. I can only imagine that your oldest son deciding that college was lame and he wanted to be a photographer wasn't an easy thing to support initially, but they did. Their encouragement to always pursue what I loved and work at it wholeheartedly really sums up the kind of souls they are.

See more of their shoot featured on previous Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock, wedding blog.


How do you sum up an entire year in a few paragraphs? I've been staring at the blinking cursor on my screen for a while now trying to figure that out. Then I realized I don't have to sum it up with words. That's not really possible. Not for me. Even the photos below don't entirely encapsulate a year. What I want to share, though, is a look at the heart of the last twelve months of shooting. What I saw, felt, and witnessed.

2013 was in many ways a defining year for me, a "big" year. So much happened, so much changed, and in some ways a lot of things stayed the same. I'm tempted to break down what happened into personal and professional. My profession, and my person, are so closely tied, though - for better or worse sometimes - that it wouldn't make much sense to do so. And, honestly, I'm not in the habit of writing a lot on here. I figure people come here to look at some  photos, not read some English-major-turned-photographer prattle on about who knows what. Probably best that way. 

But hey, blame it on turning 30 this year or something, because I'm going to ramble a bit. :)

2013 was a lot of tiring, joyful travel, and seeing my work recognized and published in a couple magazines.

It was getting a ridiculous, adorable little puppy in the midst of the busiest summer ever. (Don't do that. Except it was totally worth it, so maybe do it.)

It was incorporating more of my favorite medium - film - into my work, realizing that it's so much truer to how I envision the world, and my work, than digital is.

It was more weddings than I've ever photographed before, which was a true blessing in so many ways. Getting to really challenge myself and push myself to work more, and better, than ever before is a blessing. Every single time I think about the fact that people trust me to come to a monumental day in their life, and create something beautiful for them to enjoy for years and show their kids and grandkids, something they can maybe look at on those days when marriage is hard and remember ... that thought is amazing. That's a blessing. 

One of my favorite things about the year was the sheer variety and scope of unions I got to witness. Different people, races, orientations, everything. What I loved about that variety was seeing how differently - yet equally deeply - people love the person they're committing their lives to. It's impossible not to be inspired and moved by that. Bearing witness to that is very literally what keeps me going. That's a story that's always worth telling well.

So hey, thanks for listening. If you read all that, I think you're really neat. Let's hang out. Here's about 170 photos from this year that I really love. It would be impossible to show every moment/wedding/shoot from the year, because scrolling through 41,759 photos takes a really long time, trust me. Enjoy, preferable with a cup of coffee and some tunes (I recommend this one).


Earlier this summer, I got to work with some of my absolute favorite people in the Seattle wedding business on an inspiration shoot. It's always fun to collaborate with talented people like these folks. 

You can also find a few more photos on the feature on Magnolia Rouge.

Florals and design by Finch & Thistle Events.

Blush dress by Sarah Seven, courtesy of the best dress shop around, The Dress Theory.

Hair and Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory and Arianne / Makeup With Me.

Model: Desirae


Also. Public Service Announcement. I'm brewing up a pretty gargantuan Best of 2013 post, to be posted next week. Stay tuned, don't change the channel, and all that.


This week was good. Really good. Actually, punch-me-in-the-face great. This week I got to stop holding in the secret that I was named one of the "30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography" by Rangefinder Magazine

Rangefinder Magazine is one of the top magazines in the photography industry, and to be nominated and win this photo award is a huge honor, and something I feel like I can be genuinely proud of. The process begins with 150 photographers worldwide being nominated by editors, who are asked to submit 30 images for consideration. From there the field is narrowed to the final 30.  

I saw the email that I'd been selected as one of the thirty when I was checking through my spam folder ... pretty much like finding a $100 bill while sifting through a garbage bin. About five minutes later I was still sitting staring at my screen with a dopey smile on my face. I've long admired the photographers who've made this list over the last few years ... it's pretty humbling to have been placed in their company. 

The list of photographers who won this year is seriously legit, and I feel really lucky to have some good friends who also won. It's a huge blessing to be surrounded by such talented people.

I have to give a seriously heartfelt 'thank you' to the clients who trust me to document a part of their lives, and to the people who nominated me for the award. Thank you times a billion! 


You can read the digital issue of the November Rangefinder here, and check out the full gallery of my images here.


Sometimes you just need to get out and shoot. To get out of your comfort zone, your groove, your norm. And sometimes you drive 4 hours to your location on the Olympic Peninsula, and there's gale force winds and rain, so you have to find a new location. I'm looking at you, La Push. All part of the adventure, though. 

I loved getting to shoot this and do something different for me. Emily and I wanted to photograph something softer and more feminine that tied in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to Taylor for being up for running around and freezing, and to McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design for the amazing floral crowns. 

You can see more featured on Junebug Weddings