Writing about yourself is always a bit funny.

But, until we have a chance to sit down and actually get to know each other, here's a few things that you might like to know:

I'm a film + digital photographer and have been shooting professionally for ten years. I've shot a lot of weddings, traveled to beautiful places, and (my favorite) met some amazing people.

My heart beats for photographing a story worth telling, and finding the funny, quirky, moving little moments throughout that narrative. I find so much inspiration in the landscapes around us, and the emotional connections between us ... those two themes run deep in everything I do.

I make heartfelt, authentic, joyful images for people wild about each other, and about life. I want my work to embody the things that matter most, and last the longest. When you looked through the stories I've photographed, if you felt a connection, chances are you're one of those people. I'd truly love to tell a part of your story.

A few more details: I'm married to a beautiful blonde, and we're obsessed with our hyperactive teddy-bear-slash-dog. I love well-designed things, well-prepared food, and well-told stories.

You can read more about me in these articles with Rangefinder Magazine, Mastin LabsJunebug Weddings and hear the "why" behind my work in The Define School's series, "What I Have to Say."

bio photos by Ryan Ray

bio photos by Ryan Ray