2018 was, in the best (and sometimes hardest) ways, a real heckin’ rollercoaster of a year. We kicked off the year with the birth of our first child, which was a bit of a game-changer, to put it mildly. Weddings, portraits, engagement shoots, and family sessions (which I love even more, now!) kept me super busy all year, bouncing around the northwest, from Idaho to the San Juan Islands, along with spending a lot of time on the east coast, Colorado (forever favorite) and down south.

It’s taken me ages to put this post together, and in the end I have to hold it with a bit of an open hand. There’s no way - short of throwing a few thousand photos on here - to really represent the breadth of love that I saw this year. There just isn’t space to truly it justice, so know that, while I love all these highlights, there is always so much more. I was truly blessed by how many amazing people let me into their lives, and allowed me to document such heartfelt moments.

To all the couples, families, individuals - and all the planners, florists, designers, and artists - that shared their lives and gifts: you are incredible, and being a witness to you and your moments was a pure celebration of life. Thank you!