my younger brother is currently somewhere around 40,000 feet, winging towards uganda. to send him off properly, we climbed up around camp muir, on mt. rainier, and then (tried) to snowboard down. it was amazing, even just to look up from a snowfield at the mountain in the middle of the night. we're all missing danny, and we're already counting down the 27 months till we get to see him again.

fly like paper | misc.

i should really be sleeping now, but i just had to post a couple photos to share. i have so much awesome stuff to post: cute babies, rad engagement shoots, a beautiful wedding in NYC ... the list goes on.  next week will see some big posts.

for now, i'm flying to shoot an awesome wedding in Washington DC in about 6 hours.  here's a couple from my flight to and from Spokane, WA today.  have fun out there!