Helpful tips to keep in mind for your portrait shoot:

This is a special time for you to celebrate your engagement, or the years you've been together, relax with each other, and get to know me and my shooting style a bit more, which, especially if you're getting married, goes a long way in terms of getting you comfortable with being in front of the camera. 

1. Come up with an idea, location and even a theme or concept that's a nod to what makes you unique as a couple. Do you love nature, the beach, the mountains, your home, a favorite ice cream shop? Do you have a motorcycle, a boat, a plane, or a cruiser bike you'd like to incorporate? The sky is the limit.  Feel free to bring a special blanket large enough to wrap around both of you (like a cool Pendleton or chunky knit one, not your special childhood blankie, it's probably time to get rid of that), a canoe, champagne, picnic-style food, whatever makes you happy and feel like you! Be yourself. Get weird. Get happy.

2. We recommend that you choose one to two outfits. Don't be super matchy, but do coordinate. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, pretty and confident. Feel free to text or email us pictures of your options, or share a Pinterest board, we always like giving some input. In the colder months, layers are great to have. Think sweaters, vests, nice jackets, wool hats, ponchos, scarves. Anything that's easy to take on and off. In the warmer months, flowy skirts and dresses work well. Accessories always add a bit of pop.

3. Nervous? Get there early! Connect with your partner. Have a cocktail, or two, I'm not judging. Also, maybe have a bite beforehand. No one wants to get hangry during this.

4. Makeup & Hair! This is one of those times when hiring a pro is totally worth it. Either way, though, we recommend stepping up a notch from your everyday look. Obviously you want to look and feel like yourself, and there's no need to go really heavy - but amazing eyelashes, eyes, and lips really stand out in photos.

5. Portrait sessions are around 1.5-2 hours for a standard session or 4-6 hours for an adventure session with travel time, give or take. 

6. Turn around time for photos are 3-5 weeks depending what time of year it is. Super-mega-busy season is May - October. Please let us know ahead of time if you have a deadline you're trying to reach for your save the dates. We'll try our absolute best to accommodate your request!

7. Most importantly have some cussing fun! If you don't have fun then something is wrong and we want to fix it! This is our chance to make something really special that you can enjoy looking back on for years.