RYAN FREAKING FLYNN!!!!! The photos are blowing our minds!!! We're driving, looking at the thumbnails while screaming and totally tearing up!!!!!! You are part of making our dream become a reality now! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! We are SO EXCITED!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!


We look at our photos over and over and they take our breathe away. Ryan, not only were you such a joy to have with us, but your talent is unparalleled. You captured every emotion that we felt that day and when we go through photos we feel it all over again. They are truly art and we are blessed to have these photos to cherish with loved ones.


Choosing our wedding photographer was the most important decision for us in planning our wedding and we're so glad we made the right decision in choosing you. When going through the photos, we try and narrow down what photos are our favorite, but are barely able to get it narrowed down to 500 of them because they're all so good. When showing our parents the photos, not only were there lots of happy tears and laughter, but the comment that kept coming up is that they didn’t even notice you were there most of the time, a testament to your skills maneuvering the wedding venue without being intrusive. We appreciated your easygoing personality and ability to make the wedding day process as stress-free and free-flowing as possible. You're truly the best and we're so thankful for you.  Thank you!


One of the greatest things about you is that your personality makes it feel like we invited our good friend to the wedding who just happens to have phenomenal camera skills - all our anxieties about not looking like total goofs in our photos melted away. We could not have picked a better photographer. We certainly will be finding great excuses to hire you again.


Life has been busy but time and again, looking through our photographs has really helped me stay centered.  It seems silly to write, but what you are able to capture in your work is a great reminder on what is forever more important than anything else...our loved ones.


Ryan, WOW. The photos are everything we ever wanted and so much more! We were absolutely blown away by your talent in capturing not just pictures but true moments. Every picture we received from you had meaning, no matter how small, and we are thrilled to relive our day again and again through your hard work. Thank you so much for exceeding even our highest expectations! Choosing our wedding photographer was the most important decision for us in planning our wedding and we are so glad we made the right decision in choosing you.


Ryan, we love the pictures! Your style is so unique and I think you are such a stand out in your field. Thank you for capturing such a special time in our lives and including our friends!


Ryan, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You captured our day in such a way that looking back at the pictures I can FEEL the joy and love and raw emotion I was experiencing. Somehow you were seemingly everywhere at once, not a single detail was missed, and yet completely invisible. You made us feel so at ease and honestly it was fun chatting and laughing with you. I'm forever grateful. You've given us a gift we will treasure for a lifetime.


We wanted to thank you again for being so fantastic! Our wedding day was just perfect and it was so nice having you there to document it. It was like having friends hanging out with us. We never felt like we were being chased by a camera! :) ... Thank you again Ryan! It has been so great working with you.


Are you sick of hearing from us yet? I seriously left work early and have been sitting at my computer for an hour laughing and crying and going through them over and over again. Ah!


Thank you Ryan, for capturing these wonderful photos on such a special day for our family. This “mother of the bride” is choking up again – looking at your amazing pictures. You managed to show all the joy and love we felt, and the miracle of our two kids’ new life beginning. We can’t thank you enough.


RYAN!!!! We went through these late last night, and I was crying throughout half of it. These are so unbelievably perfect, and we knew we were in good hands with you. Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for documenting our wedding day, and engagement, so that we always have beautiful photos to do justice to our memories. Thank you again for all of your hard work and commitment to sealing memories like these for so many people. You have such a gift. Thank you <3  


This was such a fun day! Taking pictures was the best part of the day, I’ve been in a lot of weddings (this was my 8th time being a bridesmaid, we clearly have a lot of friends) but this was by far the most fun I’ve ever had in a photo session. Super chill and we were just having fun hanging out with each other. Thanks for making it such a great experience and capturing our friendships with each other so beautifully! -Awesome Bridesmaid