When I got Kirsten and Evan's initial email asking about photographing their wedding in Big Sur, California, I'm pretty sure I spun my chair around and whooped out loud. Big Sur has been kind of a dream spot for me for a while now - if you've seen the coastline there, you probably feel the same. To top it off, they had their intimate, family-centered wedding at Big Sur Bakery, makers of one of my favorite cookbooks.

All that to say, I was pretty fired up about the wedding, and that was before I'd even met the two of them. Flying down and finding out they're basically the kindest, most genuine people on the planet, was the icing on the proverbial cake. Tons of time for exploring and making photos, exchanging teary and joyful vows under the redwoods, great food, loved ones all around, hanging out in the river ... just a dream-come-true kind of day. 


Also thanks to Christine for shooting with me that day!