I've long been a fan of the various Ace Hotels ... the aesthetic is so well suited to photographs, clean and minimal and still charming. Getting to photograph a couple like Samantha and John at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel was so fantastic. They know how to do a wedding right, and more than that, I think they have a pretty great handle on how to do life and love right. Seeing the way they spoke about each other, the way their family and friends spoke about them - and vice versa - was truly special. That depth of emotion is without a doubt the most inspirational part of what I do, for me.  It didn't hurt that their dogs were awesome and wore bowties, even if they looked at me like I was the Abominable Snowman. 


It was a joy getting to work with Dean of South Social and Home, who did the coordination and design for the wedding.


Lastly, a hearty thank you / high five to Logan Cole to shooting alongside me. There are several of his frames in here.