New Zealand


Getting to travel for weddings is undeniably fun. It can be a lot of work, and no small amount of stress, but the fun and adventure of new places and new people  makes it worth every second spent on a plane. Fifteen hours on a plane around the world is a lot of seconds on a plane.  I can't tell you how many, because I'm a photographer not a mathologist (not actually a thing, sadly), but it's a "heap".

I photographed my first wedding in New Zealand about six years ago, and it was so incredible to get to go back. It's legitimately one of the greatest countries I've ever been to - genuinely epic scenery, and such kind people. Do yourself a favor and go, as soon as you can. 

When we arrived to the wedding and met Caroline and Devon, I knew it was going to be a fantastic day. Just laid back, stylish, good-natured, and happy moments with family and friends all day ... pretty much everything I love about the weddings I get to photograph. So grateful to be welcomed into their wedding day and get to document this awesome sliver of their lives. 

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