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How do you sum up an entire year in a few paragraphs? I've been staring at the blinking cursor on my screen for a while now trying to figure that out. Then I realized I don't have to sum it up with words. That's not really possible. Not for me. Even the photos below don't entirely encapsulate a year. What I want to share, though, is a look at the heart of the last twelve months of shooting. What I saw, felt, and witnessed.

2013 was in many ways a defining year for me, a "big" year. So much happened, so much changed, and in some ways a lot of things stayed the same. I'm tempted to break down what happened into personal and professional. My profession, and my person, are so closely tied, though - for better or worse sometimes - that it wouldn't make much sense to do so. And, honestly, I'm not in the habit of writing a lot on here. I figure people come here to look at some  photos, not read some English-major-turned-photographer prattle on about who knows what. Probably best that way. 

But hey, blame it on turning 30 this year or something, because I'm going to ramble a bit. :)

2013 was a lot of tiring, joyful travel, and seeing my work recognized and published in a couple magazines.

It was getting a ridiculous, adorable little puppy in the midst of the busiest summer ever. (Don't do that. Except it was totally worth it, so maybe do it.)

It was incorporating more of my favorite medium - film - into my work, realizing that it's so much truer to how I envision the world, and my work, than digital is.

It was more weddings than I've ever photographed before, which was a true blessing in so many ways. Getting to really challenge myself and push myself to work more, and better, than ever before is a blessing. Every single time I think about the fact that people trust me to come to a monumental day in their life, and create something beautiful for them to enjoy for years and show their kids and grandkids, something they can maybe look at on those days when marriage is hard and remember ... that thought is amazing. That's a blessing. 

One of my favorite things about the year was the sheer variety and scope of unions I got to witness. Different people, races, orientations, everything. What I loved about that variety was seeing how differently - yet equally deeply - people love the person they're committing their lives to. It's impossible not to be inspired and moved by that. Bearing witness to that is very literally what keeps me going. That's a story that's always worth telling well.

So hey, thanks for listening. If you read all that, I think you're really neat. Let's hang out. Here's about 170 photos from this year that I really love. It would be impossible to show every moment/wedding/shoot from the year, because scrolling through 41,759 photos takes a really long time, trust me. Enjoy, preferable with a cup of coffee and some tunes (I recommend this one).


Earlier this summer, I got to work with some of my absolute favorite people in the Seattle wedding business on an inspiration shoot. It's always fun to collaborate with talented people like these folks. 

You can also find a few more photos on the feature on Magnolia Rouge.

Florals and design by Finch & Thistle Events.

Blush dress by Sarah Seven, courtesy of the best dress shop around, The Dress Theory.

Hair and Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory and Arianne / Makeup With Me.

Model: Desirae


Also. Public Service Announcement. I'm brewing up a pretty gargantuan Best of 2013 post, to be posted next week. Stay tuned, don't change the channel, and all that.


Shooting this wedding was such a joy. It was one of those days that reminds you that weddings are about marriage, about lives being joined. AriAnne and Spencer's wedding was about the things that they held dearest: family, friends, and faith.  They had by far the biggest bridal party I've shot, and managed to also be one of the easiest and most fun, which says a lot about the company they keep. I'm thankful I got to witness their marriage begin.  

Also, shout out to Tonhya for shooting with me, there's a few of her shots in there as well. And, if you look close, you can probably see Meg in the bridal party.



there's so many good photos in the blog queue (plus, i just wanted to type "queue"). weddings, portraits, engagements. finding the time to post them, however... i'm so close to unveiling my new portfolio site, along with fresh new branding from the cool kids at Ptarmak. i'm excited. really excited. keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

for now, just one image from a+b's engagement shoot a couple days ago.

Lara and Eric | wedding

Lara and Eric got married a couple months back... before then, and since then, they've been one of my favorite couples. just awesome to work with. they were married at a heartfelt, intimate ceremony, overlooking seattle. The (rad) reception was held at the Georgetown Ballroom, with florals and details brilliantly put together by Rachel from Finch & Thistle Design. Inferno Catering was the crowd pleaser with the wood fired pizza truck.

Tracy and Arthur | wedding

so, i ended up not having time to post this at the end of last week, before i left for california. i'm stoked to post this one, though! Tracy and Arthur had their wedding back in July at Herban Feast SoDo Park ... definitely one of my favorite seattle wedding venues. we shot some portraits at the Olympic Sculpture Park, beforehand. the whole day was a huge, joyous celebration, with modern and traditional jewish influences throughout. thanks again for having me be a part of your day, it was an honor!

also, big shout out to natalie g. for coming out and shooting with me (and letting me steal her D3 and 85/1.4).