Can't believe we're already coming up on the end of 2017. 2016 was such a full year with so many amazing clients and moments, and 2017 has proven to be no different. As I start to sift through the thousands of images and *attempt* to put together a recap post from this last season, and since there are no rules in photography or blogging, I thought it's never too late to share my Part Two post from my 2016 season in the meantime (because ok maybe I sort of got too busy to post this Part Two ages ago). It's still so crazy to me I'm approaching my 11th year now in this industry, and every time I get to tell couple's wedding stories I feel refreshed and inspired.

As 2017 season wraps up, my highlight this year was my wife and I finding out, in May, that we were pregnant with our first son, due this next month (January). We are breathlessly waiting and preparing for his arrival, which makes this holiday season that much more exciting. We're in full baby prepping mode over here, and can't wait to start off 2018 being parents. We *think* Bodie will be the best big puppy brother too. He'll just have to learn to share a little of our attention. ;)

All our love and appreciation,

- Ryan & Emily

ITALY & AUSTRIA, the hypothermia edition

Shortly after the new year, Emily and I took a trip to Italy  and Austria to do some skiing and sight-seeing. The only problem was that there was no snow to be found in Italy ... frigid weather, however, was in abundance (yes, Seattle has made us sissies, but it averaged -10C. Come on!)  

We shivered our way through Venice, Verona, Cortina d'Ampezzo, and Innsbruck; and saw, through frosted-over eyes, some absolutely beautiful cities, people, and scenery. It was basically impossible to take a bad photo in Venice... it's on a billion postcards for a reason.  I'll be forever grateful to the Italians for their patience with me butchering their language while trying to get espresso every morning. Travel mishaps adventures and snow-free mountains aside, taking this trip with my wife made my year.


photos via film, digital, and iPhone.


Venice Gran CanalVenice with Leica M6 by Ryan FlynnVenice Canals by Ryan Flynn.Venice San Campo Margherita, by Ryan Flynn.St. Mark's Square in Venice, by Ryan Flynn.St. Mark's Square in Venice, by Ryan Flynn.Venice waterfront near St. Mark's, with gondolas.Venice Grand Canal at dusk, by Ryan Flynn.Venice street photography, by Ryan Flynn.Venice street photography, by Ryan Flynn.Venice street photography, by Ryan Flynn.Church in the Dolomite Mountains, Italy, by Ryan Flynn.Cortina d'Ampezzo gondolas.Innsbruck, Austria, from the mountainside.Innsbruck, Austria, from the river, in February, by Ryan Flynn.



the honeymoon | personal

our wedding was incredible ... and it went by faster than i could've imagined. i wanted to share a little bit of our amazing honeymoon. the island was beautiful. my wife is getting pretty darn good at the tilt-shift. also, i already miss the fish tacos. stay tuned for some video, involving dolphins, thieving birds, and two-legged, feathered alarm clocks. also, instax photos to come. yup.

ISO 12,800, 1/6th, handheld by moonlight.