I've known Jamie since around the time I got my driver's license. Even then, you could tell she was going to do something with her life. Now here we are, years later (probably more years than I'd like to admit) and it's so amazing to see how that hard work has come to fruition. I can't imagine a better team, for life and work, than her and Jordan, and it's been a huge blessing to Emily and I to have them in our lives.

It's been fun - not to mention delicious - to get to work with them. Jamie and Jordan own and run DERU Market & Catering, and are focused on creating artisan food with organic ingredients from around the Pacific Northwest. If they could cook for every wedding I shoot - or just for my whole life - I would be ridiculously happy.

e've been making photos of the incredible things they create in the kitchen, but it was about time I got them in front of the camera. So we headed out to one of the farms in Fall City where they source a lot of their ingredients from. It was great for me to be able to put a face and a location to where my food comes from.

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photographer's note: except for the few food images near the end, this was all shot on film - kodak portra 800, fuji 400h, and ilford hp5.