2018 was, in the best (and sometimes hardest) ways, a real heckin’ rollercoaster of a year. We kicked off the year with the birth of our first child, which was a bit of a game-changer, to put it mildly. Weddings, portraits, engagement shoots, and family sessions (which I love even more, now!) kept me super busy all year, bouncing around the northwest, from Idaho to the San Juan Islands, along with spending a lot of time on the east coast, Colorado (forever favorite) and down south.

It’s taken me ages to put this post together, and in the end I have to hold it with a bit of an open hand. There’s no way - short of throwing a few thousand photos on here - to really represent the breadth of love that I saw this year. There just isn’t space to truly it justice, so know that, while I love all these highlights, there is always so much more. I was truly blessed by how many amazing people let me into their lives, and allowed me to document such heartfelt moments.

To all the couples, families, individuals - and all the planners, florists, designers, and artists - that shared their lives and gifts: you are incredible, and being a witness to you and your moments was a pure celebration of life. Thank you!



Can't believe we're already coming up on the end of 2017. 2016 was such a full year with so many amazing clients and moments, and 2017 has proven to be no different. As I start to sift through the thousands of images and *attempt* to put together a recap post from this last season, and since there are no rules in photography or blogging, I thought it's never too late to share my Part Two post from my 2016 season in the meantime (because ok maybe I sort of got too busy to post this Part Two ages ago). It's still so crazy to me I'm approaching my 11th year now in this industry, and every time I get to tell couple's wedding stories I feel refreshed and inspired.

As 2017 season wraps up, my highlight this year was my wife and I finding out, in May, that we were pregnant with our first son, due this next month (January). We are breathlessly waiting and preparing for his arrival, which makes this holiday season that much more exciting. We're in full baby prepping mode over here, and can't wait to start off 2018 being parents. We *think* Bodie will be the best big puppy brother too. He'll just have to learn to share a little of our attention. ;)

All our love and appreciation,

- Ryan & Emily


Twenty sixteen. What a year. Depending who you talk to, you'd probably get a wide spectrum of views on exactly what kind of year it was. I think that's one of the things I love both about what I do, and about doing these year-end retrospective posts. What better way to find and focus on the positive, than looking through a year's worth of weddings, elopements, engagements, families ... all the things that end up really defining what our lives are about. 

I delivered in the neighborhood of 50,000 finished photos this year (which kind of explains why I'm doing two parts to this post... how can I narrow all that down to one short post? Not happening) and if there's one thing that really stood out to me, it's the importance of community and connection. Those two things have this amazing ability to transcend, heal, and grow our families, lives, and relationships. I got to see huge tight-knit families, families who'd experienced loss, families that had been divided, rejoined, healed, people whose families were woven by choice and not birth, people who became family solely for each other... and of course family of the four-legged canine variety (prob the cutest kind of family, if you ask me.)

It's been amazing to continuely witness the way our love and connections defy labels and boxes, and matters all the more because of that.

I'm heading into my 10th year in this crazy photography career/life, and each year that ticks by feels like a blessing to be surrounded by love and commitment and amazing humans doing a thousand small/ huge / subtle / loud / monumental / heartfelt things for each other.

Can't thank each of you enough for allowing me into your live